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September Top 10 Players in Green Energy

Editor’s note: We’re back — and a little late — with our monthly top ten ranking! Tune back November 8th for our October ranking.

1: California Energy Commission

September was a busy month at the California Energy Commission (CEC), which approved, according to G.E.R.’s own count, a record 2,351 megawatts of solar projects. With key stimulus programs folding in a few months, developers have been working overtime, pressing regulators to greenlight their projects. Aware of this looming deadline, the CEC (and shortly after that, federal regulators) approved a series of flagship projects including BrightSource Energy’s 392 megawatt Ivanpah solar thermal power plant and Tessera Solar?s 709 megawatt Imperial Valley solar facility. These solar power plants still have to get funded but the rapid regulatory turnaround boosts the probability that they actually get built. Continue reading September Top 10 Players in Green Energy