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China Doubles Wind Capacity [UPDATE]

In 2009 China’s installed wind capacity more than doubled to 25.9 gigawatts and overtook Germany (25.8 gigawatts)  for second place in terms of total wind installed capacity. The U.S., with 35.15 gigawatts, is in first place.

Last year China added 13,732 megawatts in new wind capacity. The U.S. added 9,922 megawatts and Germany 1,880 megawatts.

Pie charts show installed wind generation capacity at the end of 2008 and at the end of 2009.

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The Week In Green Energy: Tracking The Green Dollar

Week of April 12 – to – April 16, 2010

This week, industry groups released a slew of optimistic reports that highlighted the robust health of the U.S. clean energy sector. In 2009, U.S. solar capacity grew by 29 percent, according to the Solar Energy Industry Association. Wind, according to the American Wind Energy Association, was up by 40 percent. Geothermal capacity increased by a more modest six percent for the year, said the Geothermal Energy Association.

Those positive numbers were largely expected considering the unprecedented stimulus money that flowed into the sector since the Obama administration took over more than a year ago.  Wind and solar developers (and project finance banks) have flocked to programs like the 1603 direct cash-grants, implemented in lieu of the investment tax credits. Indeed, with bank credit committees more selective these days, having government dollars helps.

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The Green Zone: 07.17.09

  • It’s official: BP pulls out of D1, the jatropha-based biofuel developer [Financial Times]
  • Global solar capacity could double by next year with U.S. and China accounting for much of the growth, analyst says [Bloomberg News]
  • New Mexico company claims it can launch world’s first zero-emissions hydrogen power plant [AP]
  • Landmark green power program in Austin, Texas, experiences growing pains as it wrestles with the high price of wind power [NYT]
  • Researchers release much needed blueprint to make Biofuels a business success [Yale Environment 360]