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This Week In Green Energy: Obama’s New Drill

Week of March 29 – to – April 2, 2010 The drill flip Why did he do it? That was the question many people asked this week after President Obama endorsed offshore oil and gas drilling along the Atlantic Coast, from Delaware to […]

Governors Urge President Obama To Expand Cleantech Tax Credit

Governors are pressing President Obama to extend the Advanced Energy Manufacturing Tax Credit, the fiscal incentive funded by the stimulus to boost cleantech jobs in the U.S., and which is set to expire at the end of the year. In a letter, 19 […]

The Big Chinese Stand

Here in Austin, the mood amongst delegates attending Renewable Energy World Conference, North America is upbeat. The financial crisis is now mostly in the rear-view mirror of developers, who have been enjoying the Obama administration’s stimulus funding. There are still some important issues […]

China’s $1 Trillion Renewable Energy Market Worth the IP Risk, Report Says

Of concern for clean energy developers looking to enter the massive Chinese renewable energy market is the risk that local competitors pirate their proprietary intelligence. Earlier this month, asked by a research analyst how it intended to protect its IP in China, First […]

After Cap-and-Trade, Next on the Clean Energy Agenda… Keeping it American

So far, much of the clean energy debate has focused on cap-and-trade, but little attention has been paid to the other rationale put out by the Obama administration in defense of its green energy plan – JOBS. That changed yesterday, with the (unofficial) […]

Can Dems pass Waxman – Markey? President Obama urges House to pass historic bill

It’s been all hands on deck for supporters of the American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACES).  A  vote on the climate change and energy legislation by the full House is scheduled for tomorrow amidst  growing concern from the White House that momentum […]