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Bingaman and Murkowski: What is Clean Energy?

Senator Jeff Bingaman

Chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Jeff Bingaman (D-New Mexico) and the Committee’s ranking Republican Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) released a white paper yesterday soliciting comment about President Barack Obama’s proposed Clean Energy Standard (CES).

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The Alternative Agenda: Nissan Leaf Comes to America; Cape Wind looking for a Power Buyer; CES

Nissan Leaf

Japanese automobile maker Nissan has begun the North American rollout of its Leaf electric vehicle (EV). Last week dealers in Seattle stocked their showrooms with the much-awaited car. Days before, dealerships in California, Oregon and Arizona also began delivering the Leaf to customers.

Over the past year the EV sector has crossed some important milestones. They include Tesla Motor’s successful IPO and competitor GM starting to sell its Chevrolet Volt (sticker price $41,000). Back to the Leaf, outside North America Nissan has been working closely with EV battery service provider Better Place, which is deploying EV service stations, initially in Israel and Denmark. These service centers — allbeit in small markets — will ensure steady demand for the Leaf. Continue reading The Alternative Agenda: Nissan Leaf Comes to America; Cape Wind looking for a Power Buyer; CES

The Kerry-Graham Partnership: A Breakthrough?

Each day, we wade into heaps of information, scavenging for quotes, op-eds and press statements that will foretell the fate of climate change legislation in Congress.

Meanwhile, a doomsday clock counts inexorably toward Dec. 7 ? the zero hour when nations at the Copenhagen climate summit will either jeer America?s ignominious failure to pass a law or cheer it for reclaiming the leadership in saving the world.

Each new development in Congress changes the predicted outcome of the summit.

For example, Climate Change Czar Carol Browner said on Oct. 1 that President Obama will not have a law on his desk by early December. The summit will be a disaster, some proclaimed.

Then on Sunday, there was a breakthrough of sorts when a New York Times op-ed penned by Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., and Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, announced that they had ?found a framework for climate legislation to pass Congress.?

This nascent bipartisanship thrilled progressives like Joe Romm, who thinks Copenhagen might yet be saved, but does it mean we’re going to see a bill pass anytime soon? Continue reading The Kerry-Graham Partnership: A Breakthrough?