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The Week In Green Energy: Getting To 60?

Week of May 10, – to – May 14, 2010
American Power Act Unveiled

Senators Kerry and Lieberman release the American Power Act.

“60″, well actually “58″, that’s the number of Senators John Kerry (D-Mass) and Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) will have to convince to support their energy and climate change legislation released this week. The American Power act has been nearly a year in the making and has something for just about every stake holder in the ongoing energy debate. Environmentalists get a cap – and – trade provision. Industry, and in particular oil and gas companies, get an expansion of  offshore drilling rights which, as the country confronts what’s emerging as the largest oil spill in its history, leaves a sour taste. For the nuclear types there are dollars to help jumpstart the dormant industry.

Will the Senate bill pass? The prognosis isn’t good.

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Kerry-Lieberman American Power Act Released, Will It Pass?

Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico April 29th View [detail]

The BP oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico, will it make or brake the Kerry — Lieberman bill?

Had it all gone according to plan it should have read the “Kerry-Lieberman-Graham American Power act.” But (for now)?Senator Graham (R-S.C.) will not attach his name to what could become a historic law. Nearly a year after a slim majority passed the House, American Energy and Security Act, the Senate will try to pass its own version of a climate change and energy bill. If approved, the Kerry-Lieberman legislation, which was released today, could significantly transform the U.S. economy by, for the first time, putting a price on carbon — for a summary of the bill and its provisions, see this article.

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The Week In Green Energy: Google Wind

May 3 – to – May 7, 2010  

Google's latest greentech investment


Cleantech developers! Are you scrambling for financing?  Is your project backed by a PPA? Has it secured regulatory approval but is not making it past bank credit committees? Call Google. Yes, the search engine giant, is  now directly investing in renewable energy projects. A little less than a year after the company’s green leadership announced a shift in its cleantech strategy, Google invested $38.8 million in a North Dakota wind farm developed by NextEra Energy. This is Google’s  first ever-direct investment in a wind power plant. 

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