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January Top 10 Players In Green Energy

1: The Obama State Of  The Union There is nothing like an inspirational State of the Union address to remind us that the presidency is, among other things, a bully pulpit. So when Barack Obama used his State of the Union speech in …

Exclusive: Chinese Co. Eyes Bank Financing For Illinois Wind Farm

Goldwind USA, a subsidiary of Urumqi, China-based Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co., is talking to banks to finance the construction of its 106-megawatt Shady Oaks wind farm in Illinois.

The Alternative Agenda: Edison Cancels Tessera PPA; Chinese Co. to Develop Ill Wind Farm; 2011 Green Agenda

That’s Not Good: Edison Cancels Tessera Solar PPA Talk about a ruined Christmas, some real coal in the stocking for Tessera Solar, which last week learned that one of the state’s largest utilities had terminated an agreement to buy solar power from Tessera’s …