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II-Ranked Cleantech Analyst Vishal Shah Starts at Deutsche

Vishal Shah,the Institutional Investor-ranked clean energy analyst, officially starts work at Deutsche Bank today, according to an email he sent followers.

Solar Millenniums Amargosa Project Gets Federal Approval

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has awarded German solar thermal developer Solar Millennium a crucial federal permit supporting the construction of a 500 megawatts solar power plant in Nevada. Read More »

Deutsche Bank Grows Cleantech Research Team

Adam Bergman, a cleantech  research analyst at Jefferies & Company, has joined  Deutsche Bank as a San Francisco-based director in the bank’s Global CleanTech Corporate Coverage group.

The Week in Green Energy: Americas Gloomy Wind Sector

After a couple of years of sustained growth, U.S. wind power investments have fallen off the cliff over the past year, pummeled by a combination of record-low natural gas prices, low power prices and ongoing uncertainty over the expansion of key federal stimulus …

First Wind IPO Delayed Indefinitely

First Wind has delayed an Initial Public Offering (IPO) that at one point was expected to raise as much as $300 million for the Boston-based developer of utility-scale wind projects.

Desertec Set to Add Five New Partners

So far it remains an initiative that’s yet to graduate to full blown project status. However, even in these early days Desertec,  formerly known as the Desertec Industrial Initiative (DII), knows a good PR yarn.

This Week In Green Energy: When Solar and Nuclear Meet

In a cash-constrained world, this week’s acquisition of solar developer Ausra by Areva (the French government-backed maker of nuclear reactors) makes sense.  We could see similar deals as small clean energy companies with big ideas and small balance sheets turn to large companies …

Tesla Files for $100M IPO

On Friday electric sports car maker Tesla Motors became the first U.S. automaker to file for an Initial Public Offering since Ford Motor Co. floated its shares in 1956. The IPO comes at a time of growing investor-interest for battery-powered cars.

A New Financing Model? Solar Millennium Launches Project-Specific Fund

Is it that hard to get bank financing? That’s one question raised by the release issued yesterday by German solar power developer  Solar Millennium, in which it announces that it seeks to raise €48 million ($72 million) to support construction of the 50-megawatt Andasol 3 …

Solar Millennium Hires Deutsche Bank and Citigroup to Help it Secure $6bn Financing

The U.S. project company of Germany’s Solar Millennium announced that it has hired Deutsche Bank and Citigroup to help it raise as much as €4 billion ($6 billion) to finance construction of thermal power projects across the sun-drenched U.S. Southwest. Solar Millennium’s U.S. unit, …