The Alternative Agenda: Geothermal Heats Up

Geothermal surges back into the renewables mainstream

Geothermal power continues its transition today from earthquake-causing pipe dream to investment-ready power source.??Geothermal developers are uncovering new resources and nudging formerly unproductive reservoirs to life,? according to It?s a great promo for AltaRock Energy.

Still unresolved: the whole earthquake problem.

The article is packaged in the new ?Energy Report? page, which is The Journal?s latest attempt to tap into the green energy niche.

European and U.S. companies look to India and China to grow businesses

Major energy players in the U.S. and Europe are expanding their renewables operations in India and seeking partnerships with China.?Siemens is expanding its renewable energy workforce in India to 100 employees in the next year.?Duke Energy, meanwhile, is seeking to make joint investments with Chinese companies on wind, solar and utilities in the U.S. and hydro power in South America, Duke Chief Executive Officer James Rogers said.

UK (finally) gets its first solar PV project

Finally, the UK is getting its first solar photovoltaic project, a 1-megawatt plant built in Lincolnshire by Ecotricity to complement a nearby Fen Farm wind plant. It?s amazing that it?s taken this long for sunny old England to get into PV.

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