BP to Chamber: Were Staying

In a speech at the Oil & Money Conference in London, BP CEO Tony Hayward urged for a strong private/government partnership to implement a comprehensive cap-and-trade system.  That’s a polar opposite stance to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s own anti cap-and-trade position.

On cap-and-trade Hayward said:

At BP we favour a Cap and Trade system because it gives environmental certainty based on an absolute emissions cap.

Such a system needs to treat all carbon as equal and push for the best possible outcome in terms of both the carbon and economic impact across all industrial sectors http://howfacecare.com/what-if-acne-never-exists-how-to-prevent-acne-and-do-not-worry-in-future/.

So, given that Exelon, Pacific Gas and Electric, and Apple, which all support cap-and-trade and  have all walked away from the Chamber because of its opposition to cap-and-trade, is “beyond petroleum” BP ready to rescind its own membership?

Not likely, BP spokesman David Nicholas tells us in an email. He writes:

Yes, BP is a member of the US Chamber of Commerce and expects to remain so. We are a member of many different trade and business organisations, through which we gain information on many matters. These organisations take positions on many different issues, not all of which always co-incide with ours.

On cap-and-trade, Nicholas writes:

Our position on carbon pricing is very clear – we support government frameworks that establish a price for carbon, and we favour cap and trade systems, treating all carbon as equal, to deliver this . To achieve desired outcomes may also need support from governments through regulation and incentives.

It’s official. BP’s staying…for now. Chamber President Tom Donohue will likely breath a sigh of relief http://s-web.by/. An oil and gas super major quiting the Chamber because of its pro-carbon policies would have been a hard one for the Chamber to take.

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