Khosla Ventures Reportedly Closes Fourth Fund

Khosla Ventures, one of the leading cleantech investor, has closed a fourth fund, according to media reports. The California firm launched the capital raise last Spring, aiming to secure  $1 billion.

Just two years ago Khosla secured more than $1 billion for a third fund that, like its previous funds, has not shied away from backing cutting-edge companies.

Current portfolio companies include enzyme-based biofuel developer LS9 or TerraPower, a company which has designed a nuclear reactor that could run for decades on spent nuclear fuel.

At a time when some funds are suffering from cleantech-fatigue, Khosla is persevering in investing in the high-risk, high-reward green energy game.

Recently Khosla participated in a $15 million Series B supporting wind technology company Danotek. A few weeks earlier, it invested in a $20 million fourth round of funding supporting Coskata, the Warrenville, Ill. waste-to-biofuel developer.

The firm has also had a few successful exits from biofuel companies Amyris and Gevo, which both had Initial Public Offerings.

Also, last week Khosla announced the hiring of former Lightspeed Venture partner Andrew Chung to oversee cleantech and IT investments.

We’ve emailed Khosla for more details on this fourth fund.




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