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Technology solutions for wind power generated electricity

Typical view of a windpower plant

Typical view of a HAWT based wind power plant

Wind power basics:

How do you calculate the Energy stored in the wind?:

Wind kinetic Energy is KEw = AirMass*WindSpeed^2/2

AirMass is defined by the AirVolume that flows through the wind turbine * AirDensity

AirVolume is defined by the TurbineArea*WindSpeed & AirDensity is roughly 1.3 kg/m3

TotalEnergy KEw= TurbineArea * WindSpeed^3 * AirDensity / 2

Wind Speed is completely dominating the available wind energy. How high is it then?

Average Wind Speed

Image show average annual wind speed in Stockholm, Sweden. Continue reading Technology solutions for wind power generated electricity

First Wind to Construct 140MW of New Capacity

Over the next 12 months Boston-based wind developer First Wind is plowing ahead with the construction of its North American project pipeline, arranging financing for the construction of about 140-megawatts of new capacity.

A significant portion of the increased capacity will come from the expansion of installations that are already operating. The company will expand its 20 megawatt Steel Winds project in Western New York, adding another 15 megawatts to the plant. The expansion is expected to cost $40 million.

In Hawaii First Wind plans to add another another 21 megawatts to the 30 megawatt Kaheawa wind farm. Kaheawa’s output is fully-contracted to Maui Electric.

However the bulk of the new capacity will come from the 104 megawatts Palouse project in Eastern Washington’s Whitman County. The company began construction on Palouse earlier this month, and once operational in late 2012 the installation will sell its output to Avista under a 30-year power purchase agreement.

First Wind anticipates financing these projects with a combination of equity and project finance debt. A company spokesman tells G.E.R. that project finance banks have yet to be selected.

This week First Wind’s $134 million, 40 megawatt Sheffield Wind project in Vermont began commercial operation. The facility, powered by 16 Clipper Liberty 2.5-megawatt turbines, is contracted by the Burlington Electric Department (BED), the Vermont Electric Cooperative (VEC) and the Washington Electric Cooperative (WEC).

Cleveland-based Key Bank and tax equity partner JPM Capital arranged financing for the Sheffield project.

First Wind facilities currently generate up to 735 megawatts of wind electricity.